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We design efficient solutions that citizens can trust.
It is nothing sort of wondrous that so much technological progress has been achieved in the last decade by the Government Sector. Even though Government services may never be as fast as we would like them to be, there is no denying that Government public services have been developing in a positive way, in a structured effort to regain the trust of their citizens.

To be able to build trust in Government entities, today’s citizens expect nothing less than due diligence, celerity and assertive communication. With that in mind, Newvision has designed and implemented multiple technology based solutions for Governmental services, which are deemed invaluable in providing real quality service to citizens.

We make a difference,
by making it simpler

We simplify your processes to generate the most value.

NEWVISION works actively to make a positive impact in people’s lives and potentiate our customers’ business. And we couldn’t be prouder to have so many that trust us to help them do just that. Here are a few examples, out of several hundreds of customers we support.

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Changing the world,
one queue at a time.

Our solutions

Modernly efficient, able to deliver answers in the shortest time.

Efficiently managing the flow of citizens in service areas allows public services to create and maintain a calm and relaxed environment. Dealing with the emotional stress of waiting and exceeding the expectations of citizens is a constant challenge that drives us to develop ever more efficient and agile solutions.

Main benefitsHow can Newvision help?

For the Citizen

  • Plan ahead

    Quickly find services, check queue status and reserve a place in queue or schedule an appointment through Online and Mobile services;

  • Fast Check-in

    Deliver the simplest check-in process at a Queueing Ticket Kiosk or through a Mobile App.

  • More time, more freedom

    Free citizens from having to wait in a physical line, allowing them to make the best use of their time and keeping them informed of their queue or appointment status every step of the way.

  • Get more, faster

    Get access to official documentation, in the fastest and most convenient way, through the use of Service Kiosks.

  • 1/4

For the Public Service

  • Organize service operations

    Organize service operations through the proper segmentation of service categories.

  • Reduce transaction times

    Reduce transaction times by getting the citizen’s most relevant information ahead of time.

  • Optimize your services

    Real-Time KPIs enable immediate reaction from management, allowing them to adjust resources and the flow of people according to the current needs.

  • Gain insight on performance

    Keep record of all service transactions of your entire service network, gaining deep insight on how services are performing, how it can become more efficient and how to reduce costs without sacrificing service quality.

  • Quality Communication

    Consistently deliver institutional messages and public service announcement to citizens, through our entire offering of Digital Signage Channels.

  • Trust us, it’s that simple

    Transform complex, heavy traffic administrative services into a truly organized, intuitive and stress-free experience.

  • Better use of Tax-Payer money

    Allow your Service Representatives to focus on delivering complex tasks more efficiently, by transferring repetitive and time consuming tasks to Service Kiosks.

  • 10 Average Productivity
  • Up to65% reduction in actual
    Wait Times
  • 20% Average increase
    of citizen throughput

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