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Well organized healthcare services make all the difference.
For whatever reason, at some point in our lives, we all need the help of professional healthcare services – hospitals, clinics, pharmacies. For all that did, it’s very easy to perceive the difference between services that run in a properly organized and structured fashion, and those that don’t.

By designing a streamlined patient flow, and bringing order to typically chaotic and complex environments, our solutions have revealed to be extremely effective in reducing patient anxiety levels. While doing that, this smart management of healthcare services creates better information workflows, improving the efficiency, motivation and productivity levels of healthcare professionals.

We make a difference,
by making it simpler

We simplify your processes to generate the most value.

Everyday, NEWVISION works actively to make a positive impact in people’s lives and potentiate our customers’ business. We couldn’t be prouder to have so many that trust us to help them do just that. Here are a few examples, out of several hundreds of customers we support.

  • Hospital Santa MariaHospital Santa Maria
  • Hospital BarreiroHospital Barreiro
  • Lisboa CentralLisboa Central
  • Instituto Gama PintoInstituto Gama Pinto
  • Al SalamaAl Salama
  • Petroleum development omanPetroleum development oman
  • New MexicoNew Mexico

Changing the world,
one queue at a time.

We keep the focus on what’s more important – the patient.

In Healthcare, the patient experience should be quick, comfortable and require minimum effort.. Clear and organized information effectively reduces wait times and patient anxiety, laying the way for the most pleasant and comfortable experience possible.

Main benefitsHow can Newvision help?

For the Patient

  • Easy Access

    Enable easy access to your healthcare services through Online or Mobile Scheduling features.

  • Make it personal

    Deliver the simplest and fastest check-in process, optimized patient flows and a personalized assistance.

  • A relaxed experience

    Getting clear information about their process status along with delivering entertaining content, greatly reduces patient anxiety and frustration.

  • Waste no time

    Eliminate the need for more bureaucracy when paying for healthcare services or requesting official documents by applying the many advantages of Service Kiosks.

  • 1/4

For the Healthcare Service

  • Optimize your services

    Deliver streamlined patient journeys, optimizing their flow through all the provided healthcare services and specialties.

  • Efficiency with a personal touch

    Get all the most relevant information ahead of time, thought the integration with Healthcare Management systems, increasing service efficiency and adding a personalized experience to every customer.

  • Smooth Operation

    Healthcare environments often have to deal with chaotic, disruptive scenarios. Real-Time KPIs enable immediate reaction, allowing easy resource and customer flow adjustments, according to the most immediate needs.

  • Gain insight on performance

    Keep record of all service transactions for your healthcare facilities, gaining deep insight on how your services are performing, how they can become more efficient and how to reduce costs without sacrificing service quality;

  • Care and Comfort

    Provide a more relaxed and comfortable patient journey, with reduced real and perceived wait times;

  • Enhance Productivity

    Increase the performance of your healthcare professionals by reducing the anxiety of dealing with frustrated customers;

  • Get return on your investment

    As repetitive or time-consuming tasks are handled by Service Kiosks, healthcare staff can direct their focus to tasks that are more complex or demand a more personalized approach

  • 30% Average Productivity
  • Up to78% Less time spent in
    Administrative Processing
  • 25% Average increase
    in patient throughput

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