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What keeps us going back that one particular store, or choose a brand over another? Price? Certainly. And of course, quality products always play a bigger role in that equation. But as customers, it’s mostly about how we’re welcomed and treated during our shopping experience, and how brands go that extra mile to make sure we are 100% satisfied, that makes them grow on us.

With the help of Newvision’s solutions, specially designed for the retail market, every store environment grows wider, becomes more inviting and much less stressful. Customers can browse for the products they want and need in a relaxed way, knowing they can always keep track of their place in queue or get the fastest way to finishing their purchase.

The biggest benefit we can extract from
a Queue Management system is actual
knowledge of the service being provided.

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We make a difference,
by making it simpler

We simplify your processes to generate the most value

Everyday, NEWVISION works actively to make a positive impact in people’s lives and potentiate our customers’ business. And we couldn’t be prouder to have so many that trust us to help them do just that. Here are a few examples, out of several hundreds of customers we support.

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Changing the world,
one queue at a time.

Our solutions

We help you shape and deliver engaging experiences.

Today, brands can engage and connect with their customers by enrolling a wide diversity of touchpoints and mobile apps, as premium marketing channels. Getting data on your customer’s shopping patterns is an invaluable tool to help meet and exceed their expectations.

Main benefitsHow can Newvision help?

For the Customer

  • Plan ahead

    Quickly find services, check queue status and reserve a place in queue through Online and Mobile services.

  • More time, more freedom

    Free customers from having to wait in a physical line, allowing them to make the best use of their time, while always keeping them informed of their queue status, giving them more time to browse for other products.

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For your Business

  • Organize the access

    Bring order to the specialty counters in your stores, assigning queues for each different service, and make sure customers get the fastest and fairest service.

  • Personalize your interactions

    Improve efficiency and add a personal touch to every interaction by getting the customer’s information and profile ahead of time, through the integration with CRM systems.

  • Optimize your services

    Real-Time KPIs enable immediate reaction from management, allowing them to adjust resources and the customer flow according to the current needs.

  • Gain insight on performance

    Keep record of all service transactions of your entire service network, gaining deep insight on how services are performing, how it can become more efficient and how to reduce costs without sacrificing service quality.

  • Deliver Eye-Catching Content

    Consistently deliver eye-catching marketing campaigns and brand positioning to your customers, through our entire offering of Digital Signage Channels;

  • Engage your customers

    Transform the customer journey into a simple, intuitive and engaging experience that your customers are sure to remember.

  • Get return on your investment

    Allow your staff to focus on more revenue oriented tasks, by transferring repetitive and time consuming tasks to Service Kiosks.

  • 30% Average Productivity
  • Up to96% customer walkaway
  • Up to75% product sales

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