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The gears that set our world in motion.
In a modern and functional society, the Utilities sector is without question one of the most critical. From the most fundamental services – like Water, Power or Gas – to those that allow us to extend our reach as human beings – like Transportation, Education or Tourism – we rely every day on a vast network of services from which we expect the best possible performance.

For that very reason, Customer Service is a cornerstone component for the Services and Utilities market. Either it’s an in-store experience or through online platforms, investing in the improvement of the Customer Experience represents a big leap forward in resource optimization, thus elevating the standard for service efficiency. Customers yearn for efficient service, delivered in pleasant environments, and are eager to connect with businesses that provide the most rewarding experiences.

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The partnership with Newvision allows us to evolve
from a service improvement perspective.

José Carlos RibeiroDirector for In-Store Channels
EDP Portugal

We make a difference,
by making it simpler

We simplify your processes to generate the most value.

Everyday, NEWVISION works actively to make a positive impact in people’s lives and potentiate our customers’ business. And we couldn’t be prouder to have so many that trust us to help them do just that. Here are a few examples, out of several hundreds of customers we support.

  • EdpEdp
  • SintraSintra
  • EmlEml
  • BrisaBrisa
  • PortoPorto
  • IberdrolaIberdrola
  • GalpGalp
  • InatelInatel

Changing the world,
one queue at a time.

Our solutions

Customer Service quality
reflects how well businesses
perform as a whole.

Diversifying the available customer service channels brings you closer to your customers and produces clear and engaging communication. Set your business apart from the competition by providing the most efficient and rewarding customer service experience.

Main benefitsHow can Newvision help?

For the Customer

  • Plan ahead

    Quickly find services, check queue status and reserve a place in queue or schedule an appointment through Online and Mobile services.

  • Fast Check-In

    Deliver the simplest check-in process at a Queueing Kiosk or through a Mobile App.

  • More time, more freedom

    Free customers from having to wait in a physical line , allowing them to make the best use of their time and keeping them informed of their queue or appointment status every step of the way.

  • Get more, faster

    Offer the fastest access to subscription and payment of services and a multitude of operations through Service Kiosks.

  • 1/4

For your Business

  • Organize store operations

    Organize store operations through the proper segmentation of service categories.

  • Faster Transactions

    Achieve faster transaction times by getting the customer’s information and profile ahead of time, through the integration with CRM systems.

  • Optimize your services

    Real-Time KPIs enable immediate reaction from store managers, allowing them to adjust resources and the customer flow according to the current needs.

  • Gain insight on performance

    Keep record of all service transactions of your entire store estate, gaining deep insight on how customer service is performing, how it can become more efficient and how to reduce costs without sacrificing service quality.

  • Deliver Eye-Catching Content

    Consistently deliver eye-catching institutional messages and marketing campaigns to your customers, through our entire offering of Digital Signage Channels.

  • Engage your customers

    Transform the customer journey into a simple, intuitive and engaging experience that your customers are sure to remember.

  • Get return on your investment

    Allow your Customer Service Representatives to focus on delivering a more personalized service and revenue oriented tasks, by transferring repetitive and time consuming tasks to Service Kiosks.

  • 30% Average Productivity
  • Up to90% reduction in actual
    Wait Times
  • Up to96% Customer walkaway

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