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Every waiting minute represents the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customers and start building a solid business relationship. How about converting that waiting into quality time? How about creating an experience that is both pleasurable and useful for the customer, but also an amazing communication opportunity for your business?

Waiting doesn’t have to be boring. Our Digital Signage Solutions allow your business to create a positive impact on the customer from the very first moment! Harness this time and make the most out of our powerful marketing tools. Use business analytics to adjust and optimize the contents you want to broadcast, to match your customer’s profiles and behavior patterns and to create a bigger overall impact on your communication strategy.

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Newvision’s Digital Signage solutions allow your business to efficiently communicate its messages and campaigns, extending the reach of brand communication, and making it more dynamic and engaging.

  • Centralized

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    Upload, organize and distribute marketing contents and campaigns, across your entire Digital Signage network, from anywhere on the world.

  • Incredible

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    Personalize your layouts with the many incredible customization features available, branding them with your own image and visual identity, delivering a uniform framework, from which to deliver consistent engaging content.

  • Everything
    in it’s
    right time...

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    Schedule delivery of contents and campaigns down to the minute, offering superior marketing planning capabilities, and opening up the way to profitable new product promotion and placement partnerships.

  • ...And in it’s
    right place

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    Have your entire Digital Signage network at the distance of a click, deciding exactly what contents and campaigns will be delivered, and exactly which stores or branches they will be delivered to.

  • Measure

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    Get quality analytics on the performance of your marketing and promotional campaigns, and fully integrated reporting tools to know exactly how many times individual contents were played, how many customers saw them and determine content optimal duration by analyzing the average length of a customer visit.

  • Integrate &

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    By integrating our digital signage solutions with systems like Queue Management, CRMs or Footfall analytics, you can deliver targeted campaigns according to traffic predictions, and real-time customer profiles in your store or branch.

Main benefitsThis is the best solution to:

  • Engage & Entertain

    Broadcast multimedia contents, making sure they will never get bored when waiting, and creating a pleasant and engaging experience that your customers will remember.

  • Spread the message

    Optimize and deliver marketing campaigns and institutional messages anywhere on your network, to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Manage efficiently

    Manage each campaign and broadcasting endpoints, from a single access location.

  • Make it yours

    Personalize your layouts with the many incredible customization features available, branding them with your own image and visual identity, shaping appealing channels from which to deliver consistent engaging content.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Get deep insight on the impact of communication, by integrating with other systems like queue management, footfall analytics, or 3rd party sales systems.

  • Unlock more revenue

    Create marketing and advertising partnerships with other brands, taking full advantage of its customization and content scheduling capabilities.

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