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Getting fast and quality service is the expectation of every single person that seeks assistance from the customer service of any given business. The more welcoming, simple and intuitive you build that experience, the better your customer’s satisfaction levels will be. It’s not just about saving time. It’s about your business wanting to deliver a properly organized, quality service environment that everyone benefits from.

Our Queue Management System allows you to shape your customer’s journey, guiding the customer every step of the way, but also providing guidance for your business. Either to understand how your business can perform better, to efficiently manage human resource teams according to customer influx, or to broadcast multimedia contents to your entire branch network, NEWVISION can help you deliver the superior quality service to your customers.

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Queue Management Systems deliver so much more than a handful of operational advantages: they offer a better way of managing human resources and enables better market positioning regarding the way your business interacts with customers.

  • Multi-

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    Provide multiple access channels, designed to perfectly complement each other, like the Mobile App, Self-Service Kiosks or Online Services, allowing for a simple, hassle-free access to your business.

  • Queue

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    Grant your services with an organized, consistent structure across your entire customer service network, by implementing tools that transform customer interactions into a more efficient, productive and pleasant experience.

  • Appointment

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    Empower your customers with the freedom to choose exactly when and where to interface with your business, while giving your professionals the ability to perform superior task and resource planning.

  • Business

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    Gain deep insight on your services performance and apply it as the cornerstone for decision-making, not only to better maximize your service resources and capacity, but deliver the quality service that meets your customer’s expectations.

  • Digital

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    Implementing a seamlessly integrated solution with queue management and multimedia content management is the best way to reduce the impact of perceived Wait Times, while taking full advantage of a premium channel for delivering your institutional messages and marketing campaigns.

  • Ready to

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    Our solutions are designed under the principle that there’s always room for improvement. Since their conception, we’re prepared our solutions to be ready to integrate with systems that are core to your business, bringing efficiency levels to new heights.

Main benefitsThis is the best solution to:

  • Deliver the Best Customer Experience

    Making sure you deliver the best customer experience, effectively reducing Wait Times, and help reduce the time spent for each transaction.

  • Increase Productivity

    Enable the most efficient workload planning and distribution, increasing overall productivity and allowing your staff to deliver a more personalized service.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Make use of our powerful business analytics, gaining deep insight of your organization’s performance to consistently improve the quality of service delivery, throughout all your network of branches or stores.

  • Make a Positive Impact

    Project the image of a modern and streamlined service, shaping the customer journey based on solid data and reliable processes, always aiming at delivering a quality experience which is both efficient and stress free.

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